Sunday, November 21, 2010

Headed into Non CE Waters - A Relative's House for Lunch

I'm headed this afternoon to have a family lunch with my non CE family members like my parents in law, and a few sisters in law with their families - a pre Thanksgiving get together.

 Armed with the knowledge there will be much processed food ( can you say Cheez Whiz and cocktail weiners? ) there, I'm ready.

1. I'm eating rather substantially before we leave. I had a good sized breakfast, and will eat a large portion of leftover steamed broccoli from last night before we leave.
2. I'm packing a small bag of edamame beans to snack on, and a large bottle of sparkling water to sip while I am there.
3. I've made a side dish I know is clean ( a corn / black bean salad with a vinaigrette ) to have so I know I've got at least 1 food I can eat to dominate my plate. Normally, she cooks a protein rather blandly - so I believe I will have at least some turkey, chicken, or beef that isn't too messed around with. Probably not grass fed - but I can deal in a pinch.