Sunday, October 30, 2011

Confronting Your Demons - Clean Eating & Control

When I saw the picture above, I immediately saw myself facing down the challenges I've had over the past year. I finally had enough, finally stopped running away from the snake- and turned to face it. 

Everyone has a demon to conquer. We are fallible, fragile humans - not governed by the logical brain but are at the whims of our psyches. As much as we'd like to think we are in charge...sadly, we are not. While our actions can be trained to lean in a different direction, our base instincts will always be there. Comfort. Sex. Sleeping. Eating.

We may know a slender build and good health are gained by physical and emotional restraint, but we still seem to find ourselves idly munching that cookie or soothing raw nerves with mindless eating. 

Control comes from recognizing those people, situations, and emotions that cause your base instincts to kick in. Recognizing them, and making changes in order to avoid the inevitable response your body will have. 
For me, it is mindless, emotional, stressed eating at "that time of the month." - I'm a Sinner in the Hand of an Angry God at that moment, and any amount of sin that comes my way is fodder for the trough. 

Knowing this, I can identify problematic times, and avoid situations I know will press those inner buttons I know I have.

What will you do to take control of your life and your destiny?
Why are you indulging your base instincts when you know they are causing your slow but inevitable decline?
How can you change your thinking and reactions for a better outcome in the future?

Stop. Think. Make this your time to turn and face the snake.