Thursday, August 16, 2012

Envy Apples

A “new to me” variety of apples is appearing in grocery stores near you, and if you have little ones at home or prefer a firm fleshed, crispy apple – the new Envy apple is for you. 

The Envy is a cross between the Braeburn and Royal Gala developed in New Zealand. It has a sweet, firm flesh that ( according to its website ) stays white for hours after slicing. This aspect, coupled with its availability in a smaller size and slightly less juicy aspect, makes it the perfect apple to slice and pack for lunches. No waste by giving the kids too much apple, no brown and unappealing apples slices discarded before consumption.

I really liked the less juicy aspect of this new variety as well - it was clean, crisp, and very tasty. This type of apple ( to me ) is also ideal for a smear of almond or peanut butter...making it perfect for your mid-morning or mid-afternoon meal.

If you have an opportunity to pick up a bag of Envy apples, you'll be getting a slightly sweet, crisp apple your whole family will enjoy. Break free from your usual apple choice - go looking for a new apple variety to try. The Envy  apple is a definite Clean Eating recommend.