Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Clean Eating Chopped Garlic to Recommend : Sun of Italy

For quite some time now, I've know that a significant portion of the world's garlic supply is grown and processed in China. I've worked around this by buying only fresh cloves labeled as grown in the USA. I can only find them at one store in my area; all the others don't tell the country of origin or the origin is China.

But chopped garlic in a jar is so...convenient. I really miss it. But since turning my back on jarred chopped garlic, I've still kept my eyes peeled for a brand that is clearly labeled as "Made in the USA." I pick up a jar from the shelf, put on my reading glasses - and over and over, frown at the lack of country labeling or the words "Made in China."

Until last weekend, when I looked at a jar of Sun of Italy brand chopped garlic.

"Made in the USA"

Huzzah! A Clean Eating chopped garlic product. I can eat this without concern for how the garlic was grown or handled - chemicals, nutrients, and the suspension medium the garlic is in ( oil or water ). Thank goodness!

Sun of Italy is a Maryland company, so I'm assuming the product is predominantly available on the East Coast. I'm not sure how wide their distribution will be. Typically this brand is found in the ethnic or International food aisle in your grocery store.

If Sun of Italy chopped garlic isn't available in your area; you can buy it directly from the company from this link!

( I'm not compensated in any way by any product I promote on this site - I buy them myself, try them myself - and if I like them, I'll mention them. )