Thursday, November 25, 2010

Prep Keeps You On The Right Track!

I've learned that the weekends are my time to prep to keep myself on the CE track for the week. I'd like to share with you some things I do to get myself ready for the upcoming week. I work full time, and the rest of my family aren't CE - yet. I have definitely seen a correlation between being unprepared and times when I've strayed from a clean path.

1. I grill a tray of chicken breasts with a little seasoning and olive oil on the George Foreman grill for storage in a large Tupperware container. These are for eating plain, chopped over a salad, etc for the upcoming week.

2. I boil 6-12 eggs for the coming week. I find these are an excellent mid morning snack - protein rich and under 100 calories each.

3. As I'm an over eater, I take snacks like almonds, raisins, etc and divide them into true portions and put them in snack sized Ziploc bags. This method of portion control keeps me from too much mindless snacking.

4. I've discovered I like a "goulash" of seasoned browned ground beef, a can of diced tomatoes, and a broccoli / corn / bean mix. I'll make a bowl of this and freeze 2-3 portions for use as lunches later in the week.

5. I've streamlined my mornings by bagging a piece of fruit, a yogurt, carrots, etc the night before. I just grab and go in the mornings and I'm all set for lunch - no need to frantically throw something together.