Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Water, Water, Everywhere...

If your body is 97% water, what do you suppose it wants when it is thirsty...hot cocoa? Sprite? Sunny D?
Seriously - water is the lubrication your body craves. If you don't take in enough, bodily systems don't work as well as they should - joints are less absorbent, bowels move less regularly, brains get foggy. We were intended to eat fruits and vegetables, meats, and drink water.

On your daily food diary, make a space to start recording your water consumption - track your cups, ounces...whatever it is that you need to do to track and follow your water consumption. Get yourself a nice water bottle to keep with you during the day - on your desk, in the car, wherever. Make water your go to drink. Out to eat? Glass of water. Waiting for your son to be done football practice? Drink water. 3 pm snack attack at your desk? Water. It will keep your body healthy, fill you up, and keep your metabolism on track. Don't disregard water. It is essential - and a very important part of eating cleanly is water intake.