Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Know Your Avocado Varieties and When Each Is In Season!

Avocados flummox me. I just sort of freeze when confronted with a bin full of avocados, and grab the first one that looks decent. But what is decent? How do I chose? And this one - it says Hass. But these huge ones over here say Choquette. Is bigger better? Which is best for slicing? Which is best mashed into guacamole? Which isn't for me?

Check out this awesome post over at Know Your Avocado Varieties and When They're In Season!

I love learning more about fruits and vegetables I wasn't brought up with - I never knew there were so many varieties! My parents weren't avocado people, so I didn't taste one until I was in college.The avocado is healthy and nutritious - don't worry about the fat hype. It's an excellent once or twice a week addition to your diet.