Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Thought: What Have You Done Today?

 I came across this picture above and it made me stop and think - what do I do for myself on a daily basis to renew myself? Was today a positive day that nourished my body, mind, and spirit or was today a "not so much" type of day? If the answer is the latter - what can I do tomorrow to make things better?

What food choices can I make to promote good health, fitness, and the smooth running of my body's machinery?

What intellectual choices can I make to cultivate a stronger, wiser, happier me?

What emotional choices can I make to nurture and project the kind of person I hope to be?

Choices - we all have them.

What we do...matters. What we think...matters. How we act...matters. It affects you, and those around you.

Think about it - and go forward today with the intention of eating to sustain your body, not eating to bolster yourself emotionally. Go forward with the intention of acting kindly and responsibly to yourself and others. Go forward with the intention of fostering a better self.

Thought for the day? Go forward.