Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More Portion Distortion - 20 Years Ago Versus Now

More visual portion distortion - the difference between the portion that were common only 20 years ago and what we typically get today is shocking. A fundamental guiding hand in Clean Eating is portion control - recognizing how much is a healthy portion of food and sticking with it. A serving of rice is about the size of 2 golf balls put together. It isn't Mt Fuji on your plate. While we don't count calories - you can see with today's out of control "More is better" portion sizes that you really need to be careful. And while a gigantic slice of pizza isn't what a Clean Eater would get the idea.




In the early ’70s ( more than 20 years ago... ) , 6.5 ouncers were popular. Today it’s 20 ounces, or more (Super Big Gulp = 44 oz = 700 calories!)