Sunday, April 17, 2011

Product Review: Archer Farms ( Target Brand ) Almond Butter

     Ever since CE Eve reader Brigid mentioned almond butter in the comments section of one of my posts, I've been thinking about almond butter. So last week when I found a tub of almond butter while shopping the grocery aisles at my local Target...I picked up the container immediately. It is Archer Farms brand ( Target's generic "house" brand ). I was mildly interested until I flipped the jar over and looked at the ingredient list: 1 ingredient. Roasted almonds. Nothing else added. No added sugar, no added starches. or fillers. Nothing. It went in my cart with a grin on my face.

Upon opening, I was greeted by a strong nutty aroma and a sheen of oil on top. Of course - natural butters need to be stirred. They do not have the emulsion suspension ingredients that commercial peanut butters have. This is normal, so I carefully stirred. I spread a thin schmear on a slice of Wasa crisp bread - delicious. It has a very concentrated nutty taste - almondy but somehow at the same time...not an overwhelming taste. Very delicious. Its thin consistency has proven a boon for a form of snacking: apple slices dipped in almond butter. Yum! It's enough to make one of my mini snacking "in between" meals.

I would definitely recommend that new Clean Eaters look into almond ( or other nut butters ) for a change of pace. Personally ( and I understand this sort of flies in the face of traditional CE thinking ) I personally don't think commercial peanut butter is that bad. Sure, possibly Border Food territory - but once in a while? Not bad. However - for both a change of pace and a Cleaner alternative...almond butter is definitely on the menu.