Tuesday, April 3, 2012

.75 off Nature's Own Whole Grain Bread

Nice! I love high value coupons like this on Clean products.


Get .75 off any loaf of Nature's Own Whole Grain bread. I would also think this coupon would be good on their whole grain buns  which are a real treat for Clean Eaters! Nature's Own is one of the only semi-nationally distributed brands that doesn't put HFCS in their bread, their breads are whole grain - not just whole wheat - and the ingredient list is remarkably low. If you eat bread a few times a week, make it a brand like this one.

Coupon printing hint - you can actually print 2 copies of this coupon. Click the "Back" button on your browser after the coupon prints, and it will say "Document Expired" - Click "Try Again" - and then click "Resend" - a second coupon will print!