Monday, April 2, 2012

Product Review: Bolthouse Farms Carrot Juice

     I've been curious about carrot juice for some time now. I don't have a juicer at home ( not that I feel a particular urge to get one ) so when I stumbled upon a few Bolthouse Farms drinks coupons, I went to the refrigerated case in my store's produce department to see what I could see. Lo and behold, the Bolthouse Farms drinks were on sale - and with my coupon, very affordable for a "single serve" drink bottle.

         I was interested to read the bottle and find each bottle contains the juice of 8 carrots, and each serving ( there are 2 servings in a bottle ) contain 3 3/4 servings veggies. ( Remember, the term serving  is no longer the "preferred" phrase. Instead, the USDA wants us to refer to "cups" of fruits or vegetables per day.  )
The ingredients were as they should be- one ingredient - carrot juice. No added sugar. The sugars listed on the nutrition label are naturally occurring. 

     Carrot juice is well - carrot juice. It tastes a little sweeter than I expected - but it tasted like carrots. Liquid carrots. It's a little disconcerting drinking something so oddly orange colored, but after getting over my initial "Um...this is different." thoughts, I realized I didn't dislike it. I wouldn't call this a ringing endorsement. I liked it ok. Would I reach for a bottle of carrot juice as a snack? Maybe. Would I opt for a bottle as an accompaniment with a mid day mini-meal? Perhaps.

     I think carrot juice is one of those things you should try with an open mind, and decide for yourself.
I'll drink it again, I think. Perhaps each time I try it, I'll like it even more. I certainly didn't hate it - but drinking the same taste you are so used to's an odd experience.

     Let me know what you think about carrot juice!