Monday, September 10, 2012

Clean Eating Tip - Don't Skip ANY Meals

     One of the core tenants of Clean Eating is eating 5-6 small meals a day. Why?  Giving your body small amounts of fuel to process at regular intervals does more than just keep you satiated. It keeps your blood sugar at a constant level which significantly lessens cravings. It keep your body's metabolism at a constant rate as well. As the picture above reminds us, the machine of your body is encoded through thousands of years of evolution to assume prolonged periods without food equals potential starvation - and what does the body do to protect itself? It burns less fat because it "thinks" the fat will be needed at a future time.  

     Eating small meals ( approximately 300+ calories per mini meal ) 5-6 times a day will give you the fuel you need at even doses to maintain your body's machine at peak performance. It is one of the main reasons Clean Eating works - you are never hungry; your body is literally always working on digesting something - so don't skip any meals!