Monday, September 17, 2012

The Case For Mindful Eating


     Before you discovered Clean Eating, did you ever find yourself halfway through a bag of chips only to find yourself saying to yourself "Why am I even eating this??" And how often do you actually taste your food? This is dining without thinking. Shoveling food in without thought or consequence. The end result is a meal prepared and eaten in the shortest possible time. Mindfulness applied to eating can keep cravings in check and boosts your gratitude in the process.

1. Before you pick up your food, take a couple of deep, relaxing breaths to allow your mind and body to settle.

2. Look at your food. Look at it. Think about where it comes from. Try to see each ingredient in your food in your mind's eye - where it comes from, each ingredient in its original environment and beyond that - the people who made the food possible - the farmer, the truck driver, the grocery store clerk.

3. Without going on a guilt trip, be appreciative you have food on your plate, and it is ready and able to nourish your body. This will bring the feeling of thankfulness that is at the heart of meaningful mindfullness in practice.

4. If it is food you eat with your hands ( an apple, for example ), notice its temperature, colors, and texture as you pick it up. When you move it to your mouth, shift your focus to the aroma and taste of your food. Mentally think about the various tastes you are experiencing. Slow your chewing down to experience the food - not just to chew it up so you can take another bite.

5. Notice how your mind responds to what you've just experienced. Do you like what you are eating? Did you smile at the thoughts you were having? Do you wish the food was a little sweeter? Saltier? Spicier?