Friday, January 4, 2013

Comfort Zone

 I find life's synchronicities very interesting. I've been listening to country music while on my elliptical lately, and one of my current favorites is Brad Paisley's Southern Comfort Zone . I've been thinking about "comfort zones" lately.

What do I find this morning? The picture above - reminding me to look beyond my comfort zone.

Eating healthy isn't as much about picking up an apple and putting it to your lips. It's a change in mindset. It's a change in thinking that causes you to choose the apple instead of the candy bar, the bottle of water instead of the soda. Not because it is better for you, but because you've changed how you think and the candy bar and soda are no longer a viable option. You no longer view the candy bar and soda as food.

If you've been eating the candy bar and soda for a long time now, they are part and parcel of your comfort zone.

Step out of your comfort zone. Change your body. Change your mind. Change yourself.

 Luke Bryan - if you read my blog...I know you are a married man, but name the time and place and I'd be happy to shake it  for you.