Monday, February 20, 2012

Eve Was Partially Right - Cookbook Giveaway!

     I'm thankful that my blog has touched so many people. I feel good I'm helping people understand Clean Eating better as I myself continue to explore it. I've shared my triumphs and some ups and downs with you. Now, I'd like to share something a little different.

     Leave a comment in this thread - it can be a simple blog shout out, a thank you, a nice comment ( hopefully you don't have something negative to say! ) , or anything else. On Saturday March 3rd, I'll put the names into the proverbial hat and pick one to win a copy of the newest Clean Eating magazine cookbook - The Best of Clean Eating 2 which was published in November 2011.

 Thank you to all my readers - whether loyal daily visitors or folks who find me from a Google search. I appreciate each comment, and the steady uptick of traffic I've seen in the past year has been a blessing. Leave a quick comment, maybe win a cookbook - either way, you have my thanks.

*Note: Contest Over - Comments are Now Closed**