Thursday, February 16, 2012

Harris Teeter Baby Broccoli Buds & Other Good Frozen Food Values

I like broccoli, a lot. I realize this like isn't universally shared ( I have no idea why... ) but one of the things I think most people dislike about commercially available frozen broccoli is the proportion of stemmy, stalky broccoli stalks to the more flavorful, tender, and preferable broccoli florets.

After a year of trying different brands of frozen broccoli, I came across Harris Teeter's frozen house brand of broccoli- Baby Bud Broccoli. Small tender florets. All the time. No stems, no stalks - and the bag is similarly priced for a 1 lb bag to other more premium "non store brand" products.

     Unfortunately, Harris Teeter is only in the Southern part of the US - from about my neck of the woods      ( Maryland ) south to North Carolina - only about 200+ locations.

However, a close second is Safeway's organic broccoli "O" Naturals - and they are ( almost ) nationwide.

As an aside, while looking for a picture for this post, I found this image below - extolling the virtues of Costco's Kirkland brand of frozen veggies. if you have a Costco near you - I'd say this bag is a great Clean buy! The Costco bowl is much preferable ( and cheaper! ) to the other grocery store cheap frozen vegetables.