Thursday, February 2, 2012

Product Review: PomBars

While grocery shopping last weekend, I picked up a POM bar, flipped it over, and looked for the ingredient list. ( The flavor I had in my hand was Banana Nut . ) 

Ingredients:  Dates, Almonds, Bananas, POMx (Pomegranate antioxidant extract) 

 WOW! I was impressed, and grabbed it, along with one that was next to it; Espresso Chocolate ( which isn't as Clean: Dates, Almonds, Chocolate (Sugar, Chocolate, cocoa butter, milkfat, lecithin, vanilla), Cocoa, POMx (Pomegranate antioxidant extract), Roasted coffee beans, natural flavors. ) but is a far sight better than most protein / healthy bars. 

The banana nut flavor ( above ) is similar looking to a Larabar - a solid mass of ground fruit and nuts. It smelled really strongly of bananas right out of the package - and wow - it tasted like banana nut. No mistaking that flavor, it was very strong. Almost too strong, I think. Not entirely how they'd "tone down" the banana flavor there ( more dates to bananas ratio? ) but the POM extract was non-existant in this bar. In the end, the taste was too strong, and I don't think I'd buy it again.

Which brings me to...the espresso chocolate bar: 

Drool. Serious drool. It was amazingly delicious and satisfied a strong urge I've been fighting for a big fat nasty chocolate bar. 
Over the Christmas holiday, my mother in law plied me with a treat she'd received from a friend: Chocolate covered pomegranate avrils. They were heavenly. Smooth chocolate taste, slightly sweet/acidic pomegranate...just delightful.

The Pom Espresso chocolate bar tickled that spot, again. A slight rich deep coffee flavor in the middle of the taste profile, and the pomegranate was really pronounced. Delicious - and covered in a think chocolate. I didn't want it to end, which is a sign I'm enjoying it too much. So, I must be careful about the POM Espresso Chocolate bar, and reserve it for extreme emergencies.

Note: They are also available in other flavors... but are varying in their degree of Cleanliness. One has cashews in it, so I won't be trying that one - but will be on the hunt for the peanut butter flavor and will try it once I find it.