Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fitness Starts in the Kitchen, Not the Gym

     Many people who are unsuccessful in weight loss believe the old adage "Move more, eat less." I've come to understand that nothing could be further from the truth - and I believe this antiquated notion is the reason 1 in 3 Americans are now classified as overweight. We aren't a fit society, and this is dangerous to our health, welfare, and national security.

     The truth is simple: First and foremost, change your eating habits. Eat Clean. Don't eat processed foods. No white flour, no chemical additives, and as low a sodium and sugar free diet as possible. No soda, candy, chips, or junk food. Eat whole foods, as they naturally occur in nature. Eat smaller meals, earlier in the day, and more often. Drink water - a lot of water, every day.

It's that easy.

     It's a lot less about sweating your butt off for limited results. It's a lot more about changing your eating style to embrace healthy foods that encourage your body's machinery to function at optimum levels. Physical activity absolutely has a place in everyone's regimen - don't get me wrong! I'm learning the sedentary lifestyle is suicide by inches. However, physical exercise alone won't get you there. It begins and ends with Clean Eating as the cornerstone to physical wellness - and if you are physically well, chances are your emotional wellness will follow suit.