Monday, March 11, 2013

My Newest Obsession: Sweet Potato & Bean Burgers

This recipe is all over the Fitspo blogs on Tumblr, so giving an attribution is a little tough. I'm not sure who conceived this recipe, or took this picture - but whoever you are...BLESS YOU. These burgers are awesome, and once cooked freeze wonderfully for a quick grab and go lunch burger. I occasionally fiddle around with the seasonings, but crushed red pepper flake is still my favorite.

Sweet Potato and Bean Burgers

  • Peel and cut up 3 large sweet potatoes, then boil them until soft.
  • While that’s cooking, mash up 4 cans of white beans ( drained and rinsed! )with a fork, potato masher, or food processor. ( Potato masher works best, you want them with a little chunk to them, not perfectly smoothly pureed. )
  • Once the potatoes are cooked, add them together with 2Tbsp crushed red pepper flakes and mash it all together. ( I've also added garlic or powdered spices to switch up the flavor. )
  • Whisk 2 small eggs together, and add to potato mixture.  If the mixture is loose, and whole wheat flour by the tablespoon until the mixture tightens a bit. ( Don't use rice or almond flour - in this case, you want the gluten elasticity wheat flour offers. )
  • Form into patties, throw in the oven at 425* F until they are firm and crisp on the exterior. ( About 20+ minutes for me, on average.  I like to spritz them with a little olive oil from my oil mister; it gives them a nice crunchy texture. )

I got this from RoboLikes - TY!