Thursday, March 7, 2013

Maryland Sheriffs Testify on HB294 - Maryland's Onerous Gun Control Bill

     If you have time ( video is 20 minutes ) and are interested in hearing what real law enforcement officers - people on the front lines of crime every day -  think of the types of laws put in place by New York State and proposed in states like Maryland and Colorado, I'd highly urge you to listen to their testimony.

For me, this is highly persuasive testimony as to the misguided ( and in several instances, particularly here in Maryland ) highly uninformed views of politicians on what actually works to dissuade and reduce gun violence.

These men are professionals at what they do, and I sure as heck trust their opinion on how best to curb crime in my area rather than rely on the opinion of a lawyer or career politician.

Edited to add: These sheriffs are against the proposed gun control law here in Maryland, and give very persuasive arguments against it based on fact, statistics, and logic.  If you'd like to hear argument against gun control from what you might consider an unlikely source ( law enforcement officers ), I would invite you to watch this video. It might change your mind about the wisdom of stricter gun control measures.