Friday, March 18, 2011

Clean Eater to Clean Eating Family

      My husband and son are very supportive of my Clean Eating - but they themselves do not follow a Clean diet...yet. My husband has recently munched cookies and bologna sandwiches at night; my son scrounges for ice cream after dinner. Since starting Clean Eating, my grocery habits have changed dramatically. I buy a significant amount of fresh fruit, vegetables, and meat...and very few processed foods. I still buy them their snackie foods, but a subtle shift has taken hold in my house...much to my quiet pleasure.

     At dinner, my normally fish fussy husband is trying the fish I cook for myself. He's eating more vegetables and salads - fewer starches and far fewer evening chips and other assorted junk food. Slowly but surely, I'm bringing home less and less snacks for them. My husband, who has always loudly complained "Fish have sex in that!" when contemplating a glass of water has surprised me more than once by having a glass of ice water in his hand. He was a confirmed Fresca fan ( and still is ) - but for him to have water? Voluntarily? Unheard of in my house.

     My son has always been a bit healthier eater than his dad - he loves most vegetables, drinks a lot of water, and has generally good instincts about food. Still, he's a 10 year old boy. What boy doesn't love ice cream and candy? Luckily, my son has observed the improved health in his Mom and sees the direct correlation between the removal of processed foods and my personal transformation. He's started to decline dessert more often, and is very supportive of me in regard to CE.

 My point is the old axiom "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink."

      If you have begun to understand and enjoy the benefits of CE, you can't force your family down the path with you. You'll only be dragging them, kicking and screaming for Coca Cola and Fritos. You'd much rather have them walk on their own than try to drag them.You need them to come to the realization for themselves that Clean Eating is not only a viable option for them, the pursuit of a much improved diet is indeed worthwhile and beneficial.

     Lead by Example. Silently show them that yes - you can survive without Diet Coke and fried food. The more they see you benefiting from CE and not suffering, the more likely they will be to ( unconsciously or not ) amend their nutrition to model your own. It may take time, but your family will be much more harmonious if they come to CE on their own, and do not have it forced upon them.