Monday, March 21, 2011

Clean Eating and "TEOTWAWKI"

     After a discussion with my friend about stockpiling a recent clearance find on batteries, it was suggested to me that a discussion of Clean Eating and TEOTWAWKI ( The End Of The World As We Know It, or having some sort of disaster preparation plan ) might be of use to my readers. Now, I don't stockpile because I live in fear of some sort of Armageddon scenario ( though I live just outside Washington DC... ) I stockpile because as an active couponer, I weekly get deals on free or nearly free product that I will buy in bulk in order to have a fully stocked pantry. As a side benefit, I am prepared for natural disasters, or anything else the Goblins of the world may dish out.

Some of my readers may know I am also a Moderator over at Here's a link to a recent article I wrote ( Yes, I am Mavourneen ) on couponing for healthier, less processed foods : Couponing for Healthier Choices: More Fresh, Less Processed Foods. I use coupons to lower my total grocery bill, and to make grocery store and drug store specials sometimes free, or even money makers if transacted correctly.

So what could or should the Clean Eater do to prepare for a scenario where, perhaps, they weren't able to leave their house to shop for fresh foods for a few weeks? Or Longer?   What would you do if the electricity was off - for weeks? The recent horrific events in Japan got me thinking ( despite my tongue-in-cheek pic above ) - what would I do? Am I prepared?

There are some things to stockpile and ways to prepare that could be beneficial. Many would argue that Clean Eating might be a low priority in a TEOTWAWKI scenario - the point is to maintain rotating CE stock, and to have a small to medium accumulation of wholesome, nutritional foods your family could eat, and not just uncooked brownie mix and a 10 year old jar of jam from the back of the cupboard.

Stock up on proteins, beans, grains

Canned tuna and other shelf stable canned meat like minimally processed canned chicken or shrimp
Peanut butter
Bags of dried beans
Bags of rice
Whole grain pasta 
( all of the grains should be stores in air tight, plastic *food grade* containers so as not to attract pests )

Stock up on canned goods:

Organic / Clean soups
Canned beans
Canned low sodium vegetables
Canned fruit ( not in syrup )
Jarred pickles
Canned organic / low sodium broths
Shelf stable organic milk containers ( make sure to get one with a long shelf life! )
Shelf stable containers of tomatoes ( Pomi brand, for example )

As with all of the above, rotate your stockpile and use some of it so that if the need ever arises, your stockpile isn't years and years old. ( Kind of defeats the purpose if you don't... )

Bottled water : Most emergency guidelines recommend storing 2 quarts + per person in your household, per day. For my family of 3, a 2 week supply of bottled water ( for drinking only, not taking into account any used for cooking, etc ) would be 8+ cases of 24 bottles per case.

***This list does not include things you might also need, like medicines, pet food, etc. For this sort of information, I suggest you Google terms like "Emergency Preparedness" Here is FEMA's disaster plan site, if you care to visit it: FEMA Disaster Preparedness. ***

Do you have a method to heat things? A grill? If you live in an apartment, perhaps a hibachi? What about stockpiling a few cans of sterno? What about coffee? Have you thought about how you'll get a cup of coffee during TEOTWAWKI?

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