Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Newstand Alert: Eating Well magazine

I've come across another magazine that the Clean Eater may want to peruse : Eating Well Magazine.

While it is not aimed specifically at the Clean Eater - most of the recipes are Clean, or could be easily Cleaned up with the substitution of a few key ingredients and / or organic ingredients. 
Interesting articles in the May/June issue pictured above:

1. Healthy in a Hurry Weeknights: 5 Clean-ish recipes that take a short amount of time to prepare but are relatively healthy. This month's spotlight - 5 Mexican inspired dishes. 

2. America's New Food Rules - 6 easy rules for better health. These sound remarkably familiar, and they give a good case for each one: Stop eating too much. Go for more fruits and veg. Stop eating junk. Make way for lean meat and poultry. Go for whole grains. Go fish. Sounds like the core philosophy of CE, doesn't it???

3. From the Test Kitchen - Stuffed grape leaves. I've always been interested in making these myself. With this step by step tutorial, I just might try my hand at it! 

Here is their website - - there is a lot of good there! I suggest you rummage around for CE ideas or easily adaptable recipes. I know I will!