Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Trader's Joe's Spotlight: Aioli Garlic Mustard

Aioli is a a French term meaning "garlic mayonnaise" - so when I spied this Aioli "garlic mustard sauce" at Trader Joe's, I was instantly intrigued. I like mayo, I like mustard, I like garlic. 

A quick inspection of the ingredients revealed a Clean condiment: Mustard seed, distilled vinegar, garlic, water, soybean oil, mustard flour, eggs, allspice, tumeric, salt, and lemon juice.  55 mg of sodium in 1 teaspoon - similar to most mustards. Into my handheld basket went the little jar of Aioli. 

I was expecting a more mayonnaise consistency, thanks to the "aioli" reference - but honestly, this was just a very garlicky mustard with a back bite I'd swear was a little horseradish driven , but there is no horseradish in the ingredients. It was good, and with meats, it is very good. This afternoon, I'll be using it in a batch of deviled eggs I plan on making. However, this is not a mayo substitute. It is a mustard, plain and simple. 
Good mustard - and I'll purchase again ( my family is very mustard friendly! ), but not a garlicky mayonnaise.

I think because I was expecting something a little more mayonnaise-y, my initial impression was...nonplussed. It was good, but... 

Now that I've had it a few times, on various foods and in a few recipes, I have definitely warmed up to this stuff, and it will be a "go to" mustard like my Harris Teeter brand Dijon.