Monday, October 3, 2011

The Feng Shui of Clean Eating

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of arranging furniture and one's physical environment to accentuate the theory that chi ( or life energy ) flows when one's environment is in harmony with the Nature around it.. The Chinese believe if your qi ( chi ) flows freely, all aspects of your life are enhanced - physical, emotional, financial, etc. 

One of the mechanical engineers who works at my firm is a big guy - 6'3", graying beard - and was easily pushing 275 lbs a few months ago. I've seen him eat some BIG lunches. Recently, I noticed him eating more salads, more fruit, and in general, smaller portions. He has clearly lost some weight. I haven't said anything to him because frankly, it isn't my business - but more importantly - I try not to wave my Clean Eating in non Clean Eater's faces. When people ask my questions about CE, I answer them. However, I never, ever make negative comments about someone's food, or point out anything about someone's changed eating habits until they approach me first. 

Last week in the lunch room, he said to me - completely out of the blue:  "I've noticed since I cut down on the processed foods, I'm wanting less food in general - and for the first time in my life, I'm craving water." 
I smiled at him and we talked briefly about Clean Eating. He had noticed what I am doing this past year - and was impressed with the results for me - both physically and mentally. 

Then he said something that made me mentally sit up and take notice. ( Paraphrased: )

"I don't know, there's something more to it. I've found a lot of aspects of my life have improved for the better since I started eating cleaner. My office is cleaner - both here and at home. My family life is better, and I have more energy for things I didn't before. My kids are happier. My wife is happier - I am happier. It's like this whole Feng-Shui thing is happening."

I immediately went back to my desk and on a sticky note, wrote the words "Clean Eating and Feng Shui" on it. 

He is starting to see the direct correlation. If he takes better care of himself, his surroundings are better, his loved ones are better, and he is happier with his physical and emotional environment. He has more energy      ( both physically and emotionally ) to handle his life. 

Like the computer programmers like to say: "GIGO: Garbage In, Garbage Out"

The old adage that "If you want to change the world around you, start within." holds true.

I found this really superb article online. It appeared in Clean Eating Magazine in the Spring 2008 issue.

Read it. 

"Fat, like clutter, is overwhelming. Excess is always hard to manage.  By its very nature, it makes you feel out of control. The physical clutter around you and the emotional clutter inside you prevent from living the life you want and being the person you want to be."


"This will not get me where I want to be."
"This will not get me where I want to be."