Friday, May 6, 2011

Another Clean Eating Condiment: Amore Pesto Paste

     Clean Eaters are always on the lookout for purchased products that can enhance their meals. I've discovered a line of herb condiments in a tube that are not only Clean, but are well worth your purchase and experimentation.

      Amore brand pastes are a really nice addition to the CE pantry. Careful to use them in moderation...they can have quite a high sodium content - however, when used correctly they will add a lot of flavor to CE staples like salmon and chicken.

     Amore pastes are available in the following varieties: pesto, garlic, herb, tomato, anchovy, sun dried tomato, and hot pepper. You might start looking for them in the section of your grocery store that has gourmet items, or where you would normally find items like spaghetti sauces, or even perhaps in the spice and herb aisle.

     I bought and used the pesto flavor and added a small smear to a plain grilled chicken breast. It has an intense basil and pine nut flavor, and really added a lot of flavor to my chicken with a very very small amount of paste. The ingredient list for the pesto paste is refreshingly short: basil, sunflower oil, olive oil, salt, pine nuts, garlic, and citric acid. A serving of the pesto paste is considered 2 tablespoons...and that in my opinion is a lot. The sodium content for the 2 tablespoons? 590 mg...yikes! However, I would estimate I had a teaspoon or less on my chicken breast and that was indeed more than enough - and that is a sodium content I can live with for a product used sparingly and that adds so much flavor in such a little dab.

 By the way - like all of my product reviews...I am not compensated nor receive free product in exchange for them. Unlike some bloggers, I don't look for free samples. When I find a product I like, I post about it. When I find a product I dislike, I post that, too.