Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Birthday North!

Today is my dearest friend North's birthday. He is everything his byline says, and more - he is a wonderful husband to his wife, a gifted engineer and maker of things, a gentle man for whom manners mean everything, a responsible and practical gun owner, a talented chef who's grill and kitchen skills are impressive, and the owner of a particularly quirky but delightful sense of humor.

I have had the good fortune to have North in my life for many years now, and to call him my friend is an understatement. They say "Nobody on the Internet knows you're a dog." But call it karma, luck, chance - the Gods smiled upon us and we connected in a meaningful way. He's no dog. North is a human being, and someone I use to measure others by.

Here's his cliched birthday cake I make for him every year.

I think I'll send him a text message on the Clooney phone:

*This message paid for and approved by the North is Awesome Promotional PAC*