Monday, December 26, 2011

If You Are What You Eat, Chances Are If You Live in Plano Texas You Are A McNugget

Click picture for larger size picture!

The poor folks in Plano Texas spend the most per head on fast food than any other American city in the country, followed closely by Madison Wisconsin and Wichita Kansas. ( I can attest to Wichita obsession personally - my husband's family is from there and I was shocked not only by the number of fast food joints there, but by the shocking frequency his relatives turned to McD's,  BK, or Wendy's for lunch, dinner, or even a mid shopping "snack." )

It is interesting that the fewest fast food transactions occur around major metropolitan cities - and my area ( the Washington DC area ) is the highest ranking "non fast food eaters" in the country. I find graph pictures like this fascinating and factoids like this tend to keep me in line.

I found this over at Huffington Post while doing an image search for something completely different. She's not my favorte person, but proper credit where credit is due!