Monday, December 19, 2011

Newstand Alert: Clean Eating Magazine January / February 2012

The new issue of Clean Eating magazine is hitting mailboxes and newsstands now - a double issue with several interesting articles worth highlighting.

- Check out the wonderful beef jerky instructions starting on page 17! My husband makes his own jerky using a food dehydrator and read this article with actual ( not feigned!!! ) enthusiasm. He pronounced their technique sound, and the step by step instructions really spot on. He did note, however - that you'll have better success with a deeper flavor profile if you allow the meat to marinate in the seasonings at least overnight in the fridge. The article says "3 to 6 hours." That really isn't enough.

- I really liked the comparison of True Lemon Lemonade versus an old dieting standby : Crystal Light .I hope this is a feature they continue in future issues of the magazine - I really like seeing the unclean food compared to a Clean alternative. This is on page 25.

- The collection of Winter's Best in 25 Minutes or Less recipes and the slow cooker collection are just what I'm looking for - new recipes to try with ease and simple ingredient lists. Nothing crazy or avant garde here - simply "do-able" recipes my family won't balk over!

- I really like edamame, but the sweet & sour edamame salad on page 90 has me dying to make it this week. The simple oil, mixed vinegar, and tamari dressing sounds simple but I think will really waken up the beans with a clean Asian taste.

However, there is one thing I noticed that appears to be suspiciously absent lately from the pages of Clean Eating - and that seems to be advice and directions on how to eat Clean. They've got recipes galore - but very little information on how to start eating Clean, and why as a lifestyle choice it would be beneficial to anyone considering changing their nutrition.

I'm not quote sure why this is - but with this issue it really struck me that while the magazine has a load of recipes, it has very little fundamental information on the whys and hows of Clean Eating.