Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Awesome Find - Liquid Stevia


      I discovered liquid stevia drops by accident the other day, when I was at Whole Foods bumming around waiting for my cell phone to be diagnosed. I'm kinda picky when it comes to stevia; there are only a few brands of stevia I like ( Like Trader's Joe's and Truvia, dislike Pure Via a lot! ) so the thought of spending almost $10 for a bottle of liquid stevia froze my couponer's frugal heart for a few minutes. However, when I noticed the bottle actually contained several hundred servings - I did the math in my head, steeled a smile on my face, and put the bottle in my basket.

     I bought stevia with vanilla flavoring in it, thinking it might be good for my coffee - and I WAS RIGHT! It is wonderful, and I'm so thrilled with it. I'm using less sweetener, and it flavors my coffee with a natural vanilla. I really like it.

You can find liquid stevia in your local local Whole Foods, or buy it online from Amazon:

Liquid Stevia at

While looking for a picture of  liquid stevia online, I found this handy dandy stevia conversion chart: