Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Clean Eating Means Eating More Food

     I don't know about you - but personally, I'd rather have more than a day's worth of food versus 1 meal. Granted, this picture shows 1 item most Clean eaters don't eat - the chocolate chip cookie...and 1 item most Clean Eaters eat sparingly - and that is the chocolate bar ( some Clean Eaters eat minimal amounts of organic, simple, high quality chocolate ) but in the whole scheme of things, I'd rather be satisfied for the day knowing I ate in a really healthy manner than kicking myself for hours because I ate what was fast, convenient, and unfortunately - not nutritious or wholesome. 

( Also, I personally question whether the bottom picture actually has 59 grams of fat combined - but whatever. You get the point. Eating Clean foods provides more foods to eat overall than the fast food meal alone. )