Saturday, June 2, 2012

[Satisfaction] I Jogged!!! [/Satisfaction]

     I've been walking for several weeks now, about 4-5 times a week after work and on the weekends. Just getting out, walking briskly in the park behind my house. This morning, I picked up my new cell phone at the store. On my way back to the car, I spied an athletic clothing store. I darted in - and yes, they sell sports bras - a piece of clothing I've never owned before, but needed if I was to advance in my exercise. These cans aren't going to support themselves.

It's like stuffing 5 pounds of boob into a 3 pound sack - but tolerably snug.

I walked a minute, I jogged a minute. I walked a minute, I jogged 30 seconds. I walked 2 minutes, I jogged a minute. And on and on I went, until I had been walking / jogging for a little over 30 minutes.

For someone who was so previously out of shape as I was a lightning moment.

I got back into my car to drive back to my house, and I sat in my car with a very self satisfied smile.

I'm on my way.