Monday, November 5, 2012

Clean Eating Chocolate - It CAN Be Done

Every once in a while...the human body requires chocolate for good mental health. I'm not talking a king size Hershey bar...but just something that satisfies that place in the brain where chocoholism dwells. Most chocolate products you can buy in the store are loaded with sugars, fats, and really unnecessary ingredients - making satisfying the itch for chocolate hard to scratch.

Until now.

This fabulous, wonderful person on Tumblr has posted a lot of great recipes ( many using protein or casein powders ) and I'm utterly grateful.

The picture at the top? A Clean Eating chocolate & pear pudding. 3 ingredients.

And what is this?? A Clean Eating simulant for Nutella with 5 ingredients. Crazy!

And in case you didn't get the "Hey, go here and bookmark this page for future reference"...

6 ingredient truffles:

Please note - I'm not advocating these items as a daily treat - far from it. But what better than to have a few Clean recipes like these to add to your recipe arsenal? Make the truffles to bring to a holiday gathering - and know you can have a few without fear or guilt. When those moments come where chocolate is more important to your brain than breathing and keeping your heart'll be prepared.

Tumblr: Fitness Treats - CE Chocolate Recipes