Monday, November 26, 2012

Micro Egg Microwave Egg Sammie Cooker

How cute is this?

Keep this in your desk drawer to cook yourself a quick egg any time! The silicone doesn't get piping hot like a bowl, and it forms a bread shaped little cooked egg - how clever! It sounds like ( from the product reviews ) that this product is best used with medium to large eggs - using an XL egg will get you a messy microwave to clean and the ire of your co-workers.

Eating a solid protein like an egg is a really key aspect of Clean Eating - balancing eating veggies and carbs with solid proteins ( eggs, dairy, nuts, meats ) keeps cravings at bay and gives your body's machinery something to work on metabolically. Do yourself a favor, and make preparing eggs simple.

$9.99 over a