Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dr. Oz Clean Eating Grocery List

I found this nice list over at Dr. Oz's website ( Click HERE  to see a larger picture / printable list ) Sorry I can't post it larger.

There are some great tips here for beginning Clean Eaters - but here are a few items I'd like to comment upon for those of you who might be unfamiliar.

#19 - Chicken. Make sure you are buying chicken that isn't injected with a sodium solution.
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#20, 21 - Seafood - Make sure your seafood is sourced from a country that has good standards for aquaculture. Avoid fish grown, raised, and packed in Asiatic countries like China, Thailand, and Vietnam.
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#25 - Canned beans - make sure you rinse all canned vegetables and beans to remove as much sodium as possible.

#29 - Canned Mushrooms - DON'T. These are a huge no-no, and I'm shocked Dr Oz would put these on his list. I double dog dare you to go into a grocery store, pick up any can- ANY CAN - of canned mushrooms and try to find one NOT GROWN AND PACKED IN CHINA. You won't find one. The quality is low, and the amount of fecal matter ( the growth medium for mushrooms! ) is often high.


#32 - Jams - These are ok, but try to find ones with no added sugar. Hard to do, but it can be done. I avoid sugary fruit spreads.

#34 - Canned beets - the artificial purple color in those beets and added sugar make these a CE no-no. Avoid them.

#62 & 63 - Soy hot dogs and burgers - Not for you, Clean Eater. Keep your soy intake limited to edamame and the occasional tofu. Soy hot dogs and burgers are processed, and unnecessarily will boost soy consumption which has been linked to breast cancer.

#90 - Protein bars - Be really - REALLY careful here. Most are very Unclean. The only Clean examples I've come across are things like Larabars. Clean bars are few and far between.

#93 - Slow churned ice cream - Um, really Dr. Oz? *rolls eyes* Not Clean. Do Not Eat.

Use common sense with this list. Buy organic where you can ( especially important for fruits with skins you eat, like apples, pears, tomatoes. Not as important for things you peel - like bananas or oranges. Free range beef and chicken is wonderful, but in some areas - crazy expensive.

This list wasn't published as a Clean Eating grocery list - but it can be used as a good starting point.

At some point, I'm going to publish a list of 20+ brand name food items I buy and consume on a regular basis. Items that are Clean and you didn't even realize it.