Saturday, February 2, 2013

Why Isn't Gun Control Working In Chicago?

If you are of a mind to, I would invite you to read this article here at The Washington Examiner entitled "Why Isn't Gun Control Working In Chicago?"

Illinois has one of the STRICTEST gun contol laws on the books in the United States ( and is one of the only states / areas of the country where Concealed Carry is not permitted by anyone...) yet more deaths by guns occur in Chicago than in anywhere else in the United States. Why is this?

From the article:
Despite the media's intense attention to mass shootings, homicides, violent crime and gun deaths are all decreasing nationally, according to the latest FBI statistics. But not in Chicago. So what is causing the unacceptable wave of gun violence in Chicago?
One question to address: If the real problem is that guns can be purchased in other jurisdictions, then why are America's other major cities seeing such huge declines in their murder rates, despite the fact that nearly all of them are near states with relatively lax gun laws?

If Democrats are truly interested in making Americans safer, and not just in passing feel-good laws that will do nothing to decrease gun violence, then they should welcome a closer look at what is going so horribly wrong in Obama's hometown.

If you've listened to the Senate gun hearings and followed them with any sort of interest - here's an OP/ED piece that will have you  nodding your head and wondering how wise these strict gun control laws actually are in practice - because as you can see, numbers don't lie. Illinois is the most gun-unfriendly state in the Nation, and I wouldn't exactly say "boast" concerning their high murder by gun rate. It's worse than a war zone where EVERYONE is armed.