Monday, February 21, 2011

Have You Tried : Aduki Beans?

I was looking for something different to try the other day, and remembered I had wanted to try aduki beans. I have seen them in the "organic canned goods" section of my grocery store, so I picked up a can to try. Not inexpensive, by the way...

Upon opening, I was surprised by how small aduki beans are - imagine a can of baked beans - miniaturized. I drained them, and then tasted them straight from the can. The only word I can use to describe them is "green." You know that fresh grass taste? The taste of green plants? That is what they taste like - very unexpected. I portioned the can in half, and heated up one half. Warm, they tasted like warm grass. Honestly? Unpleasant. I turned to the bowl of cold beans. I offered a small spoonful to my  husband. He ate them, deemed them odd, but offered that they might be good in a cold pasta or bean salad - to give a conflicting but distinct flavor. This isn't a bad observation. However...I can't say I will add these to my repertoire. I didn't care for the "green" taste. Some might like that taste - and if you do? Go for it. I do think these are an acquired taste, and they take some getting used to.