Monday, February 28, 2011

Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Eat Breakfast at McDonald's...

McDonald's recently introduced Fruit and Maple Oatmeal.

Finally, something for us Clean Eaters on the go. Official ingredients listed are "100% natural whole grain oats, brown sugar, and cream topped mixed with diced fresh apples, dried cranberries, and regular and golden raisins."

However, analysis by researchers has revealed that this little 9 oz cup has more sugar than a Snickers bar, and only 10 fewer calories than an Egg McMuffin or a plain cheeseburger. Even without the brown sugar - it still has more calories than a plain hamburger.

McDonald's has been billing this as "a bowlful of wholesome." I'd call it a bowlful of Bad Food.

I'm pointing this out because sometimes as Clean Eaters we get blinders on to foods like these.
"Oatmeal - what could be more wholesome than that? I can eat that."

Once again - eyes open. Read labels, question what you are eating. Be aware that advertising is exactly that. I want you as a Clean Eater to look at what you are about to put in your mouth and question what you are being told about it. Question the Cleanliness of it. Question whether the food will add to you nutritionally and make your machine run better - or whether it will just gum up the works.

Edited to add: Oh, and I forgot to mention...what will this little slice of diabetic coma set you back? About $2.25 in most cities. Considering that an equal serving of homemade oatmeal is about .25, McDonal's is getting you coming AND going on this one.