Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Importance of Portion Control

One thing I'm starting to wrap my head around at the 6 month mark is portion control. It is only now, reflecting back on what I used to I see how incredibly out of proportion my portion sizes were. I can't believe the gargantuan amounts I used to eat!

Here are some real life, easy to relate to portions sizes for some comparison

A 3 oz portion of lean meat or chicken is the same size as a digital camera.

A single slice of bread should be the same size as a traditional Ipod. 

A 1 oz piece of deli sliced turkey ( not cold cut ) is the same size as a dvd

A 1/2 cup portion of whole grain rice or pasta is the same size as about 2 golf balls.

A 3 oz piece of salmon is the same size as a man's wallet.

Using your hands:

2 hands cupped together is a one cup serving of raw vegetables

Your fist is about the same size as a medium piece of fruit

The tip of your thumb is about the same size as a 1 oz cube of cheese

The palm of your hands usually fits a 1/4 cup of nuts.