Monday, February 7, 2011

Product Review : Pomi Tomatoes

On Saturday, I had some leftover browned ground beef which I heated up with some frozen veggie mix ( corn, peas, carrots ) and I reached for a can of tomatoes to liven it up. I noticed the little cardboard container of Pomi tomatoes I had bought on a whim, and decided to give them a try. Wow - was I delighted with the taste and freshness...from a little cardboard container! It was delicious, and I decided that I would purchase Pomi tomatoes now exclusively. In the winter when tomatoes just aren't that terrific...these were a welcome addition.

• Pomi is 100% all-natural and their tomatoes are grown without pesticides or herbicides
• Straight off the vine, fresh taste that has a long shelf life
• Pomi’s tomatoes are grown without the use of genetically modified seeds
• Pomi contains absolutely no preservatives, water added, artificial flavor, additives, or citric acid
• Low in sodium [10 mg. vs 250 – 400 mg sodium for Del Monte and Hunts]
• Non-Toxic, BPA-free and eco-friendly (
• Flavorful addition to chili, stews and soups!

You know what I liked best? I turned the container over and over, trying to find the ingredient list. It took me a moment, and then I saw, in small letters...

Ingredients: Tomatoes

That was it! No added sodium, no preservatives - nothing. This is convenience Clean Eating at its best.