Monday, February 14, 2011

Organic Food Coupons

It used to be that coupons for natural or organic foods were few and far between. As more Americans are cleaning up their diet and going Clean / Natural / Organic, manufacturers have responded in kind with an explosion of food choices. Now mind you, some of these Organic choices aren't Clean - but I've found a wonderful website to start saving you some money when you go to the store. is a wonderful resource for the Clean Eater who is looking to save money while grocery shopping. Let's face it; organic food IS more expensive than processed junk.

If you are new to the world of IPs ( Internet Printables, as these coupons are called ), read Alison's great advice on the home page first. Then, explore her site and the hundreds of links she provides to products you've seen in the stores but may have passed by due to cost. I promise - if used faithfully, IPs can bring the cost of your groceries way down.

Tip: Before you go and print half of an ink cartridge full of coupons, find out if the stores you plan on using them at take IPs. This will be somewhere in their coupon policy online, or just ask at the Customer Service Desk. Most stores take them now - but there are some hold outs.

Happy Shopping!