Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Have You Tried: Carambola?

     Carambolas ( more commonly referred to as Star Fruit ) are becoming much more common in certain parts of the country - especially Southern states and urban areas. Obviously star shaped, the fruit has a sweet-tart juicy taste that tastes like a cross between an apple, a pear, and occasionally, a strawberry. The entire fruit is edible - skin and all. The seeds are not edible. Just wash, slice, and serve. Carambolas are wonderful in fruit salad, or as a side with any meal for a strong dose of Vitamin C ( about 50% of your daily recommended dose per 4 oz serving! ). The deliciously juicy flesh is a treat...and while writing this piece, I am sampling carambola and just deciding...I need to make carambola a weekly or bi-weekly purchase!

     However, if you take any medications where you've been cautioned not to eat grapefruit with your medication ( cyclosporines, statin blood pressure medication ), I'd advise you to check with your doctor before consuming star fruit.  It can interact with how your body absorbs the medication. Otherwise, this is a delicious fruit to add to your CE menu. You can usually get a star fruit for about $2 each or less.