Sunday, July 3, 2011

Newstand Alert: Clean Eating Magazine July 2011

     If you don't receive Clean Eating in the mail, it is now available on newstands.  In this issue, I'm most excited by the following articles!

 1.  A great article on Clean Eating grilling - seafood, meats - and even fruit. The lamburger recipe with tzatziki sounds delicious!

 2. 3 step recipes: several great, simplified recipes that can get on the table in minutes. Some seem a little ingredient heavy to be ready quickly - but the simplified intent is there.

 3. Summer's best - seasonal fruits and vegetables - how to select, and several nice recipes. ( I've seen several recipes recently for watermelon mixed with feta. Sounds interesting! )

 4. An interesting "Product finder" on the bottom of page 82 - if a recipe calls for a specific ingredient, say "all natural sweet relish" - CE magazine has a Clean commercial product you can look for on the shelves. In the case of the relish, they point towards Woodstock Farms organic sweet relish. I like this little addition to the magazine, and hope it becomes a regular feature.