Sunday, July 17, 2011

Like Bananas? Like Ice Cream? Try Yonanas

I'm not normally one to be taken in by tv infomercials, but when I saw this one, my CE tuned brain immediately saw the possibilities...

You take ripe bananas and put them in the freezer and allow them to freeze solid. Then, you feed the frozen banana ( and any other frozen fruit you add ) into the Yonanas machine, and it comes out a frozen, ice cream like texture. No dairy, no sugar, no added junk. Just frozen fruit. I am intrigued! You can also add other things like peanut butter, nuts, etc to flavor the mixture.

The machine retails for $50. Now, I know you'd have to use it many times to see a return on investment - but a machine like this could really add a new dimension to your Clean Eating. If you like frozen yogurt or ice cream, I think this will be a definite plus to the variety in your diet!

I'm told you can also find this in stores like Bed,Bath, and Beyond ( Use that 20% off coupon you get in the mail! )
It is also available through - but the price is $70 with $12 shipping! : Yonanas

There is an informercial like video over at