Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Product Review: Justin's Almond Butter with Maple

Through the kindness of CE reader Brigid, I was the recipient of a nice little gift - a jar of Justin's Almond Butter with maple.

     The jar of Archer Farms ( Target brand ) almond butter  is almost empty, so that cute guy in the brown uniform showed up at my office right in the nick of time! ( My UPS guy and his shorts are always a welcome sight at my office, but bearing a delicious gift??? Yes, it was a good day... )
     I expected this almond butter to be much sweeter than it actually turned out to be. I was more than surprised that the maple flavor is subtle and enhances the rich flavor of the almond butter perfectly. This is a delicious variation on almond butter that I had to admit I liked better than my Archer Farms almond butter! Creamy but not too dense, light maple flavor that is not cloying or over powering - simply delicious. I also found it easy to mix ( all almond butters separate, so you have to mix them upon opening...) and creamily spreadable. All in all, a wonderful treat on apples, or my Wasa "Light and Crisp" bread I keep in my desk at work.

     And I forgot to mention - North is a big fan of this almond butter, too!

     If you are browsing your local health food store, or the organic / health food area of your grocery store, see if they carry's Justin's almond butter. This stuff is well worth the space in your CE pantry!