Saturday, July 30, 2011

On The Passing of 11th Hour - A Tribute to Susan

Susan Renee Tomb, aka 11th Hour, succumbed to cancer on July 20, 2011. 

Susan, born August 31, 1959 in North Hollywood, CA, was a fiercely loyal Browncoat who expressed her love, passion, and commitment through her art, photography, paintings and writings. She is survived by her few close friends, many fans, and beloved cat, Rocko. 
Memorial services are being arranged and will be posted when finalized.


Susan ( 11th Hour ) Tomb was a gifted artist who expressed her devotion to Firefly in her artwork. She designed the "official" alternative dvd cover for Serenity, numerous "guerilla marketing" posters, and other Browncoat goodness. 

I had the pleasure of communicating with 11th Hour via email a few dozen times, but I never met her. She was a sweet, friendly woman whose devotion to all things Browncoat was an inspiration to those Firefly fans both brand new and those of us who watched it First Run. I first met Susan on the OB, then reconnected her over at She was simply amazing. 

Susan, I  haven't talked to you in years, but your passing has me in tears. 

Your light will be missed.