Saturday, July 2, 2011

In Praise of the Turkey Meatball

Besides Clean Eating, one of my passions is finding foods that serve more than one purpose. Foods I can make ahead, freeze, and on nights I find myself crunched for time, I have a wholesome and nutritious meal on the table within ½ hours.

Meatballs are one of those foods that are so versatile, I always have a frozen supply on hand. They are ready at a moment’s notice for lunches or dinner, and when made in advance, by hand with care – are a Clean protein source.

    20.8 oz Ground Turkey -Lean 93/7 -Shady Brook  
    1 cup whole wheat Bread Crumbs 
      1 egg lightly beaten  
    1 Tbsp Ground Parsley  
    1 Tbsp Ground Basil  
    1 Tbsp Ground Oregano 
    2 cloves Garlic  
    1 tsp Pepper  
    1 tsp Salt


Preheat oven to 400 degrees

In a large bowl place egg lightly beaten and breadcrumbs and mix. Then add spices and mix well. Last add the turkey and mix together well. Make 10 meatballs. Bake 25 minutes until golden.

These meatballs can be used a number of different ways:

1.      Plain, with tomato sauce
2.     In a long roll as a meatball sub
3.      On top of whole grain pasta
4.      Cut into small chunks when meat is needed as a pizza topping
5.       In soups or salads as a source of lean protein
6. As taco or burrito filling, once sprinkled with taco seasoning and salsa

Ta Take this long weekend to buy a few packages of ground turkey and lay in a supply of cooked meatballs. Whether you cook for yourself or a large family - you'll be glad you made the small effort!