Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Greek Yogurt Review VIII - Taste of Inspiration Greek Yogurt

Taste of Inspiration is a Hannaford brand. Hannaford is a chain of grocery stores on the East Coast that stretch from Maine to Virginia, with a presence in Florida as Sweetbay grocery stores, and with a strong presence in the New England states in particular as Hannaford. They have over 1,500 stores across multiple grocery store chains - so chances are if you live on the Eastern seaboard - you have a Hannaford owned store near you.

I was impressed with Taste of Inspirations brand yogurt - for a "store brand" - it was much tastier than the heinous Safeway brand yogurt  I tried last year. The price was right; about .80 a cup on sale. For a Greek yogurt, that is a pretty good price. The flavor was thick without being pudding like, and mildly tangy ( about a 2 out of 5 on the tangy scale ).

As far as ingredients goes - Taste of Inspirations is similar to Dannon - a few added extra ingredients, but nothing that makes it a "no go" for Clean Eaters. There is much better Greek yogurt on the market today - and much worse. Taste of Inspirations is somewhere in the middle.

If you see this yogurt at your Hannaford store, I'd recommend picking up a cup and trying it. Greek yogurt is one of those foods that everyone seems to have their preference. Some people love Chobani, some hate it. Some love Oikos, some hate it. Try Taste of Inspirations and see for yourself. I liked it, and will get more cups when I have the chance.