Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Newstand Alert: Consumer Reports Food & Fitness March 2012

     I love finding reading material that enhances my understanding of Clean Eating. I get both Oxygen Magazine for Women in the mail, as well as Clean Eating magazine. I also occasionally will pick up  Whole Living, Eating Well, and the sporadic issue of Cooking Light.  I was really happy last weekend to find a new Consumer Reports magazine ( I don't think this is a monthly - but hey, you never know! ) called Consumer Reports: Food & Fitness.

     This issue has multiple really relevant articles for Clean Eaters including:

 - A classic Consumer Reports rating chart for Colombian Coffee ( surprise, Newman's Own Organics is a top pic! )
 - Check out the Health Alert on pages 18-21! Very informative 2 pages on fish  - fish that is mislabeled, mismarketed, and which species will be lower in mercury than others. Awesome quick blurb on food labeling, another on caramel coloring used in food, and I love how they point out Perdue chicken and how their commercial claims are all but meaningless.
 - The weekly menu planner has some very good recipes, mostly Clean but some that can be easily Cleaned with a few recipe tweaks. ( I'm still looking for a decent salmon Croquette recipe, so I'll try the one on page 25 ! )
 - I love how they makeover a family's eating style in "From Hectic to Wholesome"
 - A wonderful eye opening article on hidden salts, sugars, and fats in foods starting on page 40

Definitely check out this magazine. There's a lot more than I've outlined above. Simply wonderful issue!